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How To Deal With Disappointment In Your Business

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Disappointments follow success like fatigue replaces exertion. It is unavoidable. When the idea to create a home business first enters your mind, the goal for success becomes part of the vision. Along the journey, you will face frustration, discouragement, and disappointment before your efforts are rewarded. The key to fulfilling your dream is to not give up when failure arrives (and it will).


Don’t let the disappointments of creating a work at home business get you down. Learn from them. Making money online can happen if you have the right mindset. After all, everything comes down to your perspective.

From time to time we all lose the big sale we thought was in the bag or have a good client leave. Yes, this too shall pass but better than words of encouragement, how about a process to make the most of this?

You’ll find that your own realizations are the most encouraging words you could hear. Work this process to dust yourself off, get up and back into the game. Below is a list of 3 ways to learn from disappointment in business:

1). Don’t talk about your disappointment and make it more than it is. Don’t blame anyone. It is what it is. Instead go off in nature somewhere, sit down, breath deeply and just allow the feelings to come up and pass through your body. Be with those feelings fully without attaching a thought to them. Disappointing circumstances don’t have to remain with you any longer than you want them to. By breathing deeply and reconnecting with nature you’ll naturally let go and be refreshed.

2). When ready know this; all things conspire for your good. There is much to learn from every disappointment. When one door closes others open. This too shall pass and you’re perspective will soon change. You know that from past disappointment. You always get over it. Take heart in knowing that all things do happen for a very good reason.

3). Answer these powerful questions. Sit down with pad and paper and then write two columns.

Column A – What are all the things I’ve learned about this that I can adjust in the future?
Column B – What’s really good about this decision?
Keep writing until you have at least five responses to each question.

4). Keep asking what else? Keep adding y to your list until you’ve accessed all of your inner wisdom. You’ll be amazed at the results. That was one of the most impactful steps that outdoor lighting in St. Louis did to overcome loss in their business

This process works when used in order one through four. You’ll feel fresh enthusiasm coming back into your being. You’ll see the new opportunities to refine your process and adjust your approach, soon after you complete the process.

When you begin to feel better congratulate yourself for making the best out of a situation that could have kept you down.

Business Disappointments and Business Success – Two Lessons Along the Journey

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Two Pull Principle/Law of Attraction lessons can be taken from this experience. Both will enable the client to become even more successful in an even shorter amount of time.

1. The three events are major pieces of Contrast. Sure, they don’t feel great, but that’s the whole idea of contrast: it shows you how far off you are from what you ideally would like to happen. The emotion you feel is “the gap” between your current reality and your desired reality. In the client’s case, the rough version of her ideal reality was twofold: not only does she want an affiliate partner who delivers high profile companies to her, she also wants those high profile companies to work with her! The disappointment she felt three times was that gap between the “current reality” (no connection), and the “future reality” (profitable connections).

The only real lesson that needs to be taken from this contrast-experience? Get even clearer about what it is you truly want! Obviously, it is not: more disappointments; so what is it? Well, in this case, it could be affiliate partners with more successful appointment setting techniques. Or: more personal control over communication with high-profile partners, so I don’t have to go through intermediaries. Or anything else that is “better feeling” than the current reality experience. My client immediately grasped what she wanted: more personal control and -obviously- profitable relationships.

In Neuro Linguistic Programming it is said this way: there is never the failure, only feedback. And it is exactly so. The feedback you are given each time you experience “contrast” allows you to modify your desire and game plan, so next time around you will have an improved experience (which will provide new contrast, more clarity, improved experiences, etc).

2. Positive expectations CAN be deadly, in the sense that they can completely stifle your enthusiasm and drive for what you are doing when they are not met.

Expectations are what they are: thoughts about something happening in the future, or not. When you like your expectations, you’re all buzzed (a great business deal happening; a great holiday coming up); when you don’t like them, you’re anxious (a business venture going wrong; a massive bill for a car repair). When good expectations turn into reality, you feel great. If they don’t come about, you are on the emotional roller coaster.

The lesson is this: stay away from getting too attached to the outcome of your expectations. Be goal driven, but not goal addicted.

That sounds paradoxical, but it isn’t. Having positive expectations (as in expecting your desires and goals to turn to reality) is a good thing, and should be part of your “thought tool box”. The seeming paradox lies in the fact that the expectations have nothing to do with the actual materialization of your desires, but more with the FEELING you will experience on the journey towards and after their materialization. It’s ultimately the good feeling you are after, not the outcome of your goals themselves, or the way you are going to get there.


Business Ideas That Can Help You Out

Business Ideas

Many people postpone starting their own business because they lack the idea that they need for creating the startup. However, this is not as hard as it seems – some people choose to do what they know best, while others choose to do something that they’re good at.

graphHowever, there are some ideas that are already proven to be successful – it is true that in some cases you will need a little expertise, but some of them can be started by anyone with a little imagination.

Let’s see some business ideas that can help you out when you need them to.

House Keeping

You can get into the cleaning business, if you’re one of those persons that like to see a sparkling house or office. Many people don’t have the necessary time to clean their own homes, because they spend too much time at work. In this case, they will surely hire someone to do the cleaning for them, so a house keeping business is what you could do.

A Property Manager

A property manager is a person that takes care of a property, in all the aspects that matter. You will have to take care of the building or property itself, to pay the bills, to make sure that the tenants are happy and they pay their bills, and so on. It’s also a job that requires you to have great communication skills, but you also have to have legal knowledge, because it involves knowing a lot of rules, laws and regulations.

Creating Websites

For those who have a passion for informatics, this area is great to be explored. Many need websites for promoting their business, and the process is the same at its base. However, having extended web design knowledge can offer you a bigger advantage, but also a constant flow of requests.

floristA Flower Shop

Everyone needs flowers in their lives – some buy it when the need comes, like when they go to a wedding or an anniversary, but many people buy flowers just because they like to have them in their houses. If you like flowers and if you also have a sixth sense for arranging them, you could go into this business. You could either open up a flower shop, or you could specialize into creating flower arrangements for different events.
Even the multinational companies are looking for flower arrangements every once in a while, so it’s worth looking into this idea.

A Beauty Salon

salon_homeYou don’t have to cover up all the services that are offered in a regular salon. If you’re a hair dresser or if you’re a nail artist, you could specialize in offering only these services, but make sure these are quality. There are plenty of courses that can teach you how to do either of them, so you could easily do such a thing.

Apart from this, the idea also requests that you’re good with people and you communicate easily, because it’s a job where you will have to deal with different personalities.

A Coffee Shop

A coffee shop is not just a place that offers you the possibility to drink a coffee. You could make a place where people come with pleasure, where they could read a book, listen to good music and socialize. This does indeed require a bigger budget, but it could be a real success if you know how to manage it properly.

A Kindergarten

If you like working with children, you could start your own kindergarten. You will need a big space for arranging different areas, and you might also need different licenses, but it’s a good business. With parents who are working almost all day long, the children need a safe place to stay and a kindergarten can offer them everything – education, caring and a lot of other things.

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